Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Enriquillo Clime

A graduate of the prestigious school of medicine of UNIBE, Dr. Clime is the embodiment of a doctor by vocation. This vocation began long before his college studies, because even in his adolescence Dr. Clime already showed signs of his desire to serve by joining the emergency medical unit of CRUZ ROJA DOMINICANA. It took him exactly three days after his graduation to begin his internship at the renowned  CORAZONES UNIDOS CLINIC, where on the mentoring of the master teacher Dr. Luis Cuello Mainardi, took the first steps to understand medicine as a discipline. Less than 24 hours after completing his internship, he opened his flight to the city of Victoria, Espíritu Santo in Brazil, where he started his training on the general surgery department in the mastology team.


Motivated to expand his knowledge, Dr. Clime flew again.

This time to the city of Rio de Janeiro where after two years in the tenth enfermaria da SANTA CASA DA MISERICORDIA, under the coordination of Dr. Brandão Lira complited his training in general surgery . and  immediately joined the prestigious HOSPITAL CASA DE PORTUGAL in the aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery department, there, under the direction of Prof. Ricardo Cavalcanti received his three years of detailed and extensive training. At the end he devoted himself on the pursuit of perfection, so he made visits and training on some of the most prestigious medical schools in the United States. As SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY in Dallas, Texas. The HUNSTAD-KORTESIS center in Charlotte, North Carolina, among others.


Dedicated and in love with his profession, fact demonstrated by his participation in humanitarian campaigns and presentation of works Dr. Clime is by definition a natural born surgeon.



Contact Info

DO: +1(809) 231 6028 

USA: 1(347) 263 8202 

Calle Socorro Sanchez No. 56, Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional. República Dominicana

Working Hours

Monday – 9 A.M. a 12 P.M.
Tuesday – 2 P.M. a 5 P.M.
Wednesday – 9 A.M. a 12 P.M.
Thursday – 2 P.M. a 5 P.M.
Friday  – 9 A.M. a 12 P.M.

Weekends: Closed

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