Biopolymer Removal


Biopolymer Removal

Biopolymer injections are currently not approved by the FDA, and warnings have been put in place for individuals to avoid receiving these injections at all costs. The danger of these injections is caused by the material hardening in the body, making it no longer removable. In addition to the substance hardening underneath the skin’s surface, it can spread through the body, causing permanent disfigurement, stroke, or death.

Still, despite the FDA’s regulations to protect people from these injections, several providers are using this dangerous method for body contouring. These providers taking advantage of consumers are not doctors or qualified practitioners in many situations. In all cases, however, they are medically unethical.

If you are a victim of these illegal injections, we can help you by removing it from your body.


Biopolymers are macromolecules with polymeric or macromolecular characteristics synthesized by living beings. Also, synthetic materials are included as biopolymers. The “bio” polymers consist of a type of materials that can replace the traditional plastic materials in several applications.


Any patient who suspects that a substance that can be included in this family has been injected into them should seek medical attention of an specialist immediately, because biopolymers are products that are not compatible with the organism that are injected in some part of the body for the purpose to increase its size. They are promoted in the market and are very attractive due to the low treatment costs. Despite all this, many establishments of dubious reputation and / or people without experience, still offer facial and body fillers that supposedly contain harmless elements such as hyaluronic acid, however, it is important to clarify that none of these injectable substances are really reliable and safe , because at a certain time, the body rejects them generating a negative reaction, to the point of causing serious health consequences.


Although there are different techniques, the conventional approach of open surgery continues to be one of the most performed surgeries. With the patient on general or regional anestasis, cuts are made in the anatomic grooves, which allows the material to be removed directly.


Currently there are variants of the technique as well as associations to other procedures. The use of laser, ultra sound, among other things facilitate the withdrawal. Currently, our tendency is to perform a ultrasound guided procedure that avoids visible scars.


Clearly this its a major procedure, so care should be rigorous. The attention to detail and good planning with laboratory, cardiovascular and anesthetic evaluations are essential. Photographs, simulations, measurements, among others are part of the artillery to guarantee a good result. Rest, the use of shapers as well as post-surgical massages are mandatory elements for an adequate evolution, anti-inflammatory medications and a good diet guarantee a good recovery. The return to activities must be gradual and careful, in most cases the use of drains is necessary.

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