Keloid Treatment


Keloid Treatment

Treatments that may help flatten a keloid scar include: steroid injections. applying steroid-impregnated tape for 12 hours a day. applying silicone gel sheeting for several months.


The treatment of keloids has gone through different stages. The scar known as keloid is a scar caused by the excessive growth of tissue against skin lesions, such as burns, scratches, insect bites, or piercings. They are harmless, but they can cause aesthetic problems.


When keloids are present in most cases treatment is not necessary. However, if the patient feels discomfort or aesthetic complaints. The patient can be treated efficiently. Patients with whom they intend to get treatment of this procedure must undergo psychological evaluations and cardiovascular medical examinations.


There are different techniques for treatment. Radiation therapy (beta therapy) is usually the best form of treatment.Other methods include:

– Steroid corticosteroid injections to reduce inflammation
– Moisturizers to maintain the softness of the tissue
– Use pressure pads or silicone gel pads after the injury
– Freeze tissue to remove skin cells (cryotherapy)
– Laser treatments to reduce scar tissue
– Surgical removal


Currently there are variants of the technique as well as associations to other procedures. In the great majority of cases, the combination of several therapies is usually more efficient. Even so, it is important to highlight the possibility of recurrence.


The care must be rigorous. The attention to detail and good planning with laboratory, cardiovascular and anesthetic evaluations are essential. Rest, the use of garmments as well as the topical treatments are essential for an adequate evolution, anti-inflammatory medicines and a good diet guarantee a good recovery. The return to activities must be gradual and careful.

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