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The botulinum toxin (Botox), is a neurotoxin produced by a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. As in the case of some vaccines the botulinum toxin is a natural protein processed. Track chemical and physical processes we can actually safely isolate the components that are useful for different types of treatments. This technique is safe and replicable which allow the control of the product. Today the botulinum toxin is marketed in 130 countries in the world. There are 8 different serotypes of the toxin and of these the type A has been tested as the more powerful by what is the most commonly used for therapeutic purposes.

La toxina Botulínica actúa como inhibidora específica de la liberación de acetilcolina; en efecto, actúa sobre la terminación nerviosa impidiendo la acción de los iones de calcio, que son necesarios para la liberación de acetilcolina, disminuyendo de esta forma el potencial de placa y causando una parálisis muscular. Maintains the muscle relaxed denying access of substances that stimulate it. The toxin has an effect on the local application, maintains the muscle in a resting state functional. What is fundamental to have the desired result without negative effects on the muscle plate.

The capacity of the botulinum toxin to produce muscle paralysis by chemical denervation is avail for use as a medication in the treatment of neurological diseases and as cosmetic product for cosmetic treatment of facial wrinkles. Today we know that there are several different uses and different areas of application for this product ranging from migraine, brachial plexus injury in children known uses of aesthetics. Although, as with any drug there is a list of contraindications, in a general sense is one of the safest products of the market. Its use in the skin aging is without doubt the most well-known, but it can be used to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), for the correction of the gingival sonriso (when the gum is fully exposed to the smile) and to treat the bands platismales (rejuvenate the neck).

The skin aging in a general sense is characterized clinically by a loss of elasticity of the tissues (loss for the recovery of its state starts), a change in the texture of the skin (thickening or thinning), and surface appearance of surface anomalies (Small varicose veins, dark spots). Roughly we can describe two types of wrinkles, creases or dynamic expression are the group of wrinkles more known and that soon appears in our faces. This type of wrinkles are formed primarily by the action of facial muscles during the empty posturing. In a principle of expression wrinkles are visible only when we are conducting the corresponding facial gesture. The other wrinkles are known as static, these are not changes with the muscle movement. Expression lines tend to become static over the years. Are formed as a consequence of the loss of the supporting tissues of the face. Over the years, the bone of the skull is losing density, loses fat tissue and is decreasing the elasticity of the skin due to loss of collagen and elastin. Only in the hands of a trained physician can obtain the aesthetic results taking into account the finesse of every anatomy. In trained hands because we can potentiate what interests us and discreetly mitigate the weak points of the facial aesthetics.

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