breast lift

breast lift
breast lift
A breast lift, or breast mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that raises and reshapes the breasts. The procedure will make breasts firmer and shapelier if they have sagged. Breasts lifts will not change the size of the breast.


You can be considered a young surgery within the field of plastic surgery, but certainly one that more techniques and modifications have been presented. Born by the need of some patients that they are satisfied with the size of their breasts, but be due to pregnancies, loss of weight of weight or the combined effect of motion and gravity have a drop (ptosis) unwanted breast, because the ligaments and ductwork in the mammary gland is stretched so it descends the breast.


Contrary to what most people think not exist large contra-indications for this procedure. The best candidates for breast lift are the adults who are in good health, in their ideal weight and moderately in physical form. Current surgical techniques to avoid interfering with the sensitivity and ability of nursing of the patient. The patients are subjected to photographic simulation, calculations and text to determine the proper height of the complex areola nipple.


The major authors in plastic surgery have dedicated their work to the appropriate treatment of the mammary glands, names such as Benelli, Pitanguy, Peixoto, Ribeiro, among others published works that allow us to have a large arsenal of techniques that are adapted to the needs of the patient, although there is a maximum in surgery that the best technique that is more dominating the surgeonWe have devoted much of our training in domino and experience in several surgical options to be able to offer our patients the best option for your need specifies. Although there are different clothing in the inner part of the surgery roughly we can describe the scar on skin in palette format format of inverted T, J or L format or a girth on the areola scar. Breast lift is performed under anesthesia general most patients can return to their homes on the same day of the surgery.


We can describe this as one of the most varied, the procedure may be an isolated uprising, uprising with reduction, including lifting of breast implant or a reconstructive uprising in patients after treatment of breast cancer. Choosing the proper procedure for each patient is a challenge that requires the judgment and skill of a plastic surgeon.


A peculiarity of this procedure is the almost compulsory need to use drain, a special post surgery bra and a healing in the scar with antibiotic coverage. The movement of arms is limited during the first 5 days, the patient should not drive your car between 20 to 30 days and take care in public places to avoid tripping over others. As in all surgical procedure, a good and balanced diet is essential, especially rigorous hygiene, the use of antibiotics and painkillers are part of the Protocol.

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